Entertainment News – The Street Dance

….And now for some ENTERTAINMENT news!!! The Peanut Proud Street Dance has grown and grown each year and has almost become an event of its own! Each year we try to “step it up a notch” and we think we’ve done just that! We are SUPER excited to bring to Blakley, for the first time…THE CELEBRITY ALLSTARS!!

When leader, Dick Smith, came off tour with Earth, Wind and Fire and later Kenny Loggins, he realized that all the great musicians play with all the great national acts all over the world. He thought, “Wouldn’t it be cool to hand pick these great players from national acts and put together an all star band of my own?” Well, his dream has come true! Meet The Celebrity AllStars…an accumulation of years of research and relationship building to create the greatest all star cast of musicians ever assembled now available to play for you!!!!

In assembling this great talent, Dick wanted a mission statement that summed up the essence of what the band was all about. He wanted clients to understand this was a party/dance band with musicians from national acts and not an act putting on a concert. Deliberating, he chose a hook that sums up the essence of what the band is all about….”Everybody Cut Loose.”

So, now you have it, the greatest musicians from the greatest national acts, assembled for one reason. To make sure you have a great time!!!

Perfect song selection, perfect costuming, perfect vocal harmonies, perfect audience participation, perfect volume, perfect ladies and gentlemen, perfect everything.

Meet, The Celebrity AllStars… To read more about the members of the band, and the unbelievable list of superstars they have recorded and/or worked with, go to: http://www.thecelebrityallstarband.com/theband.html.

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