Donate to Early County Disaster Relief

On 10/10/18 Southwest Georgia was devastated by Hurricane Michael. Early County was faced with an unexpected Category 3, which was unprecedented to date. Damage is still being assessed and will take weeks to regain power and normalcy. Our dedicated residents are working tirelessly to care for our community and all the first responders and out of state linemen who have come to our area to assist in clearing roads and regain electricity. Early County has a population of 10,480 with the median household income of $28,599. The major sources of our economy which include Agriculture, Manufacturing, Foresting, Fishing, Hunting, all of which have been devastatingly impacted by this Hurricane. Through our community “Friends of Peanut Proud” nonprofit we have established this fundraising effort to responsibly and strategically coordinate the distribution of funds and supplies that will be donated. Donations of any size would be greatly appreciated. We have received many requests across the country for ways to be of assistance. We thank you in advance for your contributions, love, and prayers as our community rebuilds.

If you would like to donate to Early County – please click here:

Early County Disaster Relief Donations