The Peanut People


Call the ECHS Art Department if  you need a Peanut!  (229) 723-3006


It’s time to get your creative brains in gear for Peanut Proud!  March kicks off National Peanut Month and the PEANUT PROUD FESTIVAL!!!  Every year for Peanut Proud “The Peanut People” begin to make their way into Blakely and occupy their spots in front of our businesses, schools, homes, and various organizations.   We hope you will “check in” with your Peanut People and see if they need any sprucing up or maybe even a new wardrobe or additional friends.  If you need peanuts, call Cheri Harrell at ECHS, (229)723-3006.

Peanut People Arrive: Week of Monday, February 27th – Friday, March 3th

This Year’s Theme:  It’s Peanut Time

  No matter how simple or how elaborate your peanut(s) may be, we encourage you to decorate and participate!