Parade Application and Rules

2017 Theme – “It’s Peanut Time”

Saturday, March 25, 2017
Blakely, Georgia
Deadline for Application is Friday, March, 24, 2017
Stephanie Benton —

Rules & Regulations – (Registration Form Below)

  • Check-in and line-up will begin at 8:00 A.M. on the East side of Early Co. School (New gym side).  Check-in will end at 9:30 A.M. – parade will begin promptly at 10:00 A.M.
  • Parade will leave from west side of Early County High School.
  • Each entry must be submitted on an official parade form (or online) which includes a signed and completed liability waiver disclaimer.  If registration is completed online, a liability waiver must be signed at check in.  Only one entry per application.
  • The Peanut Proud Festival reserves the right to determine placement of all parade units.
  • No one younger than 12 years of age will be allowed to walk in the parade.  Our parade route is approximately 2 1/2 miles long and it is difficult for small walkers to keep up.  Their safety is our first priority.  Particiapants that are under 12 years old are encouraged to ride on a float or in a vehicle.
  • There will be no solicitation of funds along the parade route.
  • The parade must move AT ALL TIMES.  There will be NO STOPPING. Unless a vehicle is stopped in front of you, do not stop moving.  This includes bands, dancers, twirlers, etc.  Bands will   need to play AS THEY WALK.  Dancers and twirlers will not be allowed to stop and perform.
  • NO ONE WILL DISMOUNT to greet or walk among spectators from vehicles, or unload towards end of parade route.  The parade ends at First United Methodist Church and it must continue down college street from the square.  Provisions will be made at the Methodist Church for any elderly or disabled parade participants to be transported back up to the square.  This applies to   any bands, dancers, walkers, etc. as well.  It is a safety hazard to unload on the square and it stops the parade.  Law enforcement will be present to enforce and assist.  Those who violate this   rule will not be asked to participate in the future.
  • All riders must be sitting or stationary with handrails.  Parade marshals will stop any float that appears to have safety hazards for riders.
  • All vehicles/floats/ATVs MUST BE DECORATED with a peanut theme, or parade theme, with clear and neatly printed signage.  This does not apply to farm equipment, antique cars, specialty cars, or cars for elected officials or beauty queens.
  • Floats must be limited to a maximum height of 13 feet and a length of no more than 44 feet, and a farm type pin hitch is suggested for floats longer than 15 feet.
  • All driver’s must have a valid driver’s license.
  • All motorized vehicles that are not pulling a float must be approved by the parade committee before the application deadline.
  • All driver’s compartments must be properly ventilated to prevent the accumulation of exhaust and carbon monoxide fumes,  and smoking on a parade float is prohibited.
  • All children must be accompanied by supervising adults.
  • A limit of 6 to 8 people will be allowed on smaller floats and a safe number will be allowed on larger floats.  That number will be determined, on a case by case basis, by the parade committee.
  • Parade float riders must maintain a perimiter of at least four inches from the outside edge of the floatany may not dangle any objects, including arms and legs, over the exterior edge.
  • Walkers beside floats handing out candy to the crowd is preferred.  (No walkers under 12 years old).
  • Floats/parade entries that play music are encouraged to be mindful of the content (no vulgarity) and restrict the volume to a level that is comfortable for parade spectators.  Please also remember that this is a family event.
  • All parade participants are encouraged tot adhere to a code of personal conduct that includes courteous behavior toward other parade participants and spectators.  Foul language and crude conduct will not be tolerated.  All float themes and rider’s conduct should reflect the positive and fun nature of this event.
  • All motorcycles, ATVs and 4-wheelers must stay within their section of the parade.  Tire burning, fast driving and moving around other parade vehicles is strictly prohibited.
  • Dress should be tasteful and appropriate to the theme and nature of the event.
  • Note:  Due to low participation , we will not conduct a float competition this year.
  • All parade entries must be registered by Friday, March 24th.  If entries have not been registered by Friday, March 24th, they will not participate in the parade.  No “day-of” registration.  NO EXCEPTIONS.